About ET Fusion

About ET Fusion

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While some networks, like public safety, have round the- clock central dispatch, it is not always the case – this is where Sense & Protect comes to the rescue.

Our decentralized industrial appliance houses a mobile radio, which is a part of multiple talk groups that listen for emergencies. When the emergency button is activated on a radio, an emergency sequence is then initiated, and help is dispatched.

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Do you have an centralized solution?

No. For ultimate safety our solution works decentralized so that it can provide on-premise protection in the event of an emergent event.

Does your solution with work P25, Tetra and Mototrbo?

Yes, our solution can work with any “enterprise” radio that has an emergency button. Sense & Protect can also work with environmental sensors for triggering alarms.

Can I get SMS notifications?

Yes. We are adding in support for SMS in Q2 2023.